Insulating Glass Production Line

  • Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line BT-LBP2200
Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line BT-LBP2200

Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line BT-LBP2200

  • Max Glass Size : 2200x3000mm
  • Min Glass Size :300x400mm
  • Insulating Glass Thickness:15-48mm
  • Washing Glass Thickness :3-12mm
  • Product description: Double Glass Production Line,Double Glazing Processing Machine,IG machine

Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line BT-LBP2200A - Inside Pressing

Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line BT-LBP2200B- Outside Pressing

Machine Features:

• Washing machine, steel structure and protective cover are all made of high-quality stainless steel, divided into two parts: cleaning and drying . They are composed of cylindrical nylon brush , drive device, water spray pipe, water supply system, wiper plate, air knife air filter , Silencer and other components.

• Three pairs of cylindrical brushes independently driven by three asynchronous motors. First and second pairs of brushes are for pre-washing. The third pair of brushes can clean with deionized water and sprayed with deionized water.  high pressure water nozzle removable cleaning, easy to maintain.

• The brush roller gap is adjustable, easy to clean different thickness and different types of glass.

• Automatically tighten transfer roller to clean the glass with different thickness. It adopts waterproof bearings. The contacted part with water is made of stainless steel, aluminum or copper. The service life is longer; the end of the cleaning part has a soft material - wiper plate, on the upper and lower sides. Glass passes between the two wiper plates.

• The cleaning water can be recycled, there is a water heating device in the water tank, which can heat the water, use the water with a temperature of about 50°C to clean the glass, the effect is better, and there is an automatic water supply device.

• The unique air knife adopts stainless steel, to form a high pressure wind, filtered and pressured air goes through the hose and connect it to the air knife mouth. The dry wind will blow over glass sheet at the best angle, drying effect is good.

• In the blower and the drying part are equipped with sound-absorbing material.

Optional Machines:

BT-LBP1800A /1800B
Max.Glass Size: 1800*2500mm
BT-LBP2000A /2000B
Max.Glass Size: 2000*3000mm
BT-LBP2200A /2200B
Max.Glass Size: 2200*3000mm
BT-LBP2500A /2500B
Max.Glass Size: 2500*3000mm

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply
Total Power
Air Pressure
1 MPa
Air Consumption
0.8 m3/min
Max Glass Size
Min Glass Size
Washing Glass Thickness
Washing Glass Speed
Insulating Glass Thickness
15 -48mm
Transmission Glass Speed
Total Size

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