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PUR Hot Melt Wrapping Laminating Machine for PVC and Aluminium Extrusion

Application : Solid wood, MDF, particleboard, metal, aluminum alloy, plastic steel, wood plastic, PVC profiles

Machine Features:

1. The transmission system adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, energy saving and consumption reduction, and the speed changes smoothly, which is suitable for different work needs.

2. Fully imported silicone conveyor wheel, forming pressure roller, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, easy to clean residual glue.

3. Unique auxiliary heating device for climate temperature in different regions.

4. Fully automatic CNC system, easy to operate.

5. Solid pole (25mm) to ensure the stability of the machine.

6. The movable mold type (the adjustment wheel and the transmission part can be disassembled as a whole), the user can prepare several sets of molds, effectively solve the waste of labor and materials caused by the interchangeable linear film, and improve the efficiency.

7. The appearance of the whole machine is beautiful and practical, and it is debugged by the workers.

8. China's well-known brand of melt machine, easy to operate, low failure rate.

9. Adopting the roller scraping system with independent intellectual property rights of the factory, the film is even and the amount of glue is small.



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