Pre-Sale Service

 BLUETEC provide the most professional solution based on client's production and investment.

 BLUETEC provide knowledge sharing of machines’ working flow.

 BLUETEC provide machines and factory layout design.

 BLUETEC provide testing for client’s profiles before place order.

 BLUETEC provide customization to meet client’s requirements.

 BLUETEC provide OEM service.

 Sale Service :

 1.BLUETEC 24H*365D online for our clients.

 2.BLUETEC fastest response to client’s questions.

 3.BLUETEC delivery machines in 20 days after advance payment.

 4.BLUETEC inspect machines after finishing and before delivering.

 5.BLUETEC accept various of payment terms.

 Our Partners :

 After-Sale Service :

 1.BLUETEC provide machine installation and staff training overseas.

 2.BLUETEC provide 18 months quality warranty except consumables.

 3.BLUETEC provide free new part if break within warranty time.

 4.BLUETEC provide free return visit for maintenance.



Contact: Bluetek

Phone: 0086 15624539505

Tel: 0086 15624539505


Add: Meili Industry Park,Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong, China.

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